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The first step in developing a successful innovation effort is in understanding the organization. A typical reaction is that we all understand the business – but from our own set of experiences and knowledge. This is true of innovation, as well. The process of assessment begins with determining the readiness for innovation and an evaluation of the culture and environment.

Diagnostic Tools

Situational Analysis

Environment Scanning

Active/Passive Data Analysis

Casual Inquiry

Assessment Tools

Innovation Readiness

Work Environment

Value of Innovation

Innovation Comprehension

Innovation and Satisfaction


Diagnostics imply a deeper understanding of the organization and its unique needs. Understanding the organization’s need for Innovation and its benefits, IPS can better develop a lasting and more responsive strategy. Diagnostics (Basic, Intermediate, Focused) also identify potential problem areas that can become an obstacle to sustained success. All information is confidential and becomes the sole property of the organization or business.

Assessments & Diagnostics

IPS offers a wide variety of Assessment and Diagnostic tools to better prepare the business before implementing innovation.

Our Assessments and Diagnostic information becomes the property of the business or organization we serve.

IPS  uses the information to design a workable innovation strategy or plan designed expressly for the client.