Innovation Project Management

IPS offers its unique trademarked methodology called N2OVATE. There are 9 unique versions of this

innovation strategy used to implement innovation projects. Each of the 9 methodologies produce a different type of product, service, or technology innovation. In addition, IPS designs a proprietary methodology (process)

for each client, using one or more of the 9 base approaches. Your success is guaranteed!


IPS offers a wide variety of training courses on leading, selecting and managing innovation projects, using the N2OVATE proprietary methodology. Additionally, IPS offers Innovation Certification (Company, Team Leader, and Individual).

  • Team (Individual)

  • Team Leader

  • Chief Innovation Office

  • Company


IPS offers both guidance and assistance in creating an innovation strategy that produces sustained success. IPS customizes each innovation strategy to the individual client. IPS does not subscribe to the “one size fits all” approach. Our customized strategy becomes the Intellectual Property of the organization.

Strategy, Project Management, and Training

IPS offers both guidance and assistance in creating a strategy customizable for each client.

IPS designs a unique process for implementing successful innovation projects.

IPS offer Individual, Team, Team Leader, and Executive Training in Project selection and Project Implementation.

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